Supported Living

Our Supported Living offers an independent lifestyle within the community, but with the peace of mind you have access to 24hr staffing.

Supported living accommodation.

With supported living services around England and Wales, designed to support adults with learning disabilities, autism, mental health or just that bit of extra support needed to stay in the community we can help your find the perfect accommodation and support for you or those you care for.


Most supported living homes are shared by 2 or 3 adults, and we will always make sure that you feel comfortable with the people you will be living with. It’s typically a less supervised form of support than a residential service and feels more like having your own place.

You’ll also be able to plan your own transition into the accommodation with our support team, making for a positive experience as you adjust to your new home.

Who is supported living suitable for?

We can help you if you’re an adult over the age of 18, or soon to be, and are looking for somewhere to live that gives you an independent lifestyle but with some support day to day, or through the night. Generally, supported living housing is suitable for people who are more able.


We can help you to live independently with the right care and support. This may be a few hours every week, 24 hours a day, or somewhere in between.

How much does supported living accommodation cost?

  • The care is typically funded by your local authority or healthcare provider. You can contact us for more information about how to arrange funding.
  • Rent is usually covered by housing benefit or no universal credit.
  • You will be liable for a share of the bills and this is split equally between the other clients and the company.

What do you need to consider for supported living?


When considering if supported living is right for you or someone you care for, location is an important factor. You may be looking for supported living services near to where you’re currently living. You can see which areas in England and Wales that our supported living accommodation is based to help you find some suitable options.



Another important consideration when choosing supported living services is how independent you are and wish to be. You may want to live alone, or you may prefer to share with another person or people. It’s best to talk to your support and health workers about this so that they can find you exactly what you are looking for in your supported living housing.



The cost of our supported living services is bespoke to each person we support. To find out how to support the funding of supported living accommodation and assistance, get in touch with our referrals hub who will be happy to help.

Benefits and things to consider

Supported living has many advantages, but you should decide yourself if it’s the right option for you. Here are the points you may want to consider.


  • It’s an independent way of life with greater choice and control over your daily schedule.
  • Your support plan is built around your needs, with as little or as much help as you want.
  • You can choose to live on your own or with 2 or 3 others depending on your preferences.
  • Your accommodation can be self-contained with your own bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and living room area, or you can choose a house with more communal spaces.