Families are important to us, we value heir experience and input into their relative’s care.

We understand the worries and concerns families face on a daily basis.


We want families to  feel reassured by the expertise and outcomes that they never thought possible from other providers.


Many of our referrals are recommendations from councils who know is for our passionate and above and beyond support, Individuals respond well to this engaging environment and are more able to take life at an easier pace.

Family Encouragement

We always encourage families to be involved as much as possible with overnights, activities and events, because we understand the importance of families.


We take care to address their concerns with frequent communication, feedback and reviews.

This is carried out by the home’s manager who is the main point of contact for families ensuring  accessibility to senior management extends right through to the owner.


We under the distress of placement failures, and how this effects families and clients, we want to reassure that its our goal for placements to be flexible, adaptable and so person centred placements are less likely to fail.