We value our clients and are so proud to be able to support each and every one of our clients, enabling and supporting them to live fulfilling, active lives.

We aim to ensure the individuals in our care do not suffer placement breakdowns and the associated distress.

Clients are encouraged to access the community, lead meaningful lives and be valued, participating members of society.

Providing the best practice and environments

We specialise in being able to create environments on an individual basis that allows minimum disruptions and ensuring each placement is person centred This is in line with the latest CQC guidelines and best practice.

Our in-house behavioural support team is led by behavioural experts with many years’ experiences of autism and associated behaviours. This ensures prompt and appropriate responses to any changes in behaviour that need immediate attention. It also lessens the need for external (and often delayed) input from professionals and social services.

Complex packages do not worry us, everyone is always given a fresh start here at The Safehouse. This leads to people being able to improve their confidence and trust, communication and social skills to a level where they can get more enjoyment from friendships, relationships, sharing interests and participating in activities with others.