With nearly 30 years of experience and providing services for a range of clients requiring highly specialised services which are able to accommodate the most complex individuals.


All our services are evidence-based and in accordance with best practice. They are closely aligned with the principles of the PBS (Positive Behavioural Support) Academy. Commissioners can be assured they are purchasing a safe service.


The person-centred support from which individuals benefit can allow them to develop a higher degree of independence and self-management of behaviours. It can also reduce – or even eliminate – the need for medication. This in turn reduces the associated cost of their care.

Our Clients

We believe that all our clients should enjoy a good quality of life, engaging with the community and becoming valued and contributing members of society, without fear of discrimination or obstacles. We aim to give them the skills to accomplish this to the best of their ability and to move on towards greater independence and supported living wherever possible.


Our services are based on a pathway of progress for each individual.

The most challenging individuals with complex needs are moved on to less intensive service provision as their needs change and their behaviours are addressed. In the future, we aim to provide an interim support facility for those who would otherwise need admitting to hospital or assessment treatment centres.