Domiciliary Care

Visiting care offers the support you want, when you need it, so you can continue living from the comfort of your own home. With help from as little as half an hour a week and up to several visits a day, a visiting carer can make all the difference.

How It works

It couldn’t be easier! Just reach out and we can have a chat about your needs, followed by an in-person meeting.

This gives you an opportunity to tell us your wants and needs.


What we then do is prepare your individual care plan. This document will detail all of your needs, from medication to mobility, issues and routines. With the flexibility to constantly evolve, this forms the cornerstone of your service.


Our professional care teams work within their own local areas so your team will always be local and close by meaning you always have a close on call team who is available and adaptable.

Costs of visiting care

We know how important it is for you to have a clear picture of your care fees. So, we provide a simple, straightforward breakdown from the very start.


Here’s an outline of our visiting care fees:

  • Flexible costs for visits lasting 30, 45 or 60 minutes.
  • Prices depend on your location and specific care needs, with differences for overnight care and support provided during weekends and bank holidays.


Your quote for visiting care will be confirmed once your local care assessor has visited you at home to finalise your care plan and double-check, we have everything is covered.

Social care funding accepted.

If you’re receiving social care funding through your local authority for visiting care and have a personal budget or have opted for direct payments, we are able to accept top-ups to these payments.


By choosing this option, you have the flexibility to choose your care provider rather than this being arranged for you by your local authority. You can organise this care yourself and pay for it directly, topping up the payments if needed.

Benefits and things to consider.

The biggest advantage of domiciliary care is that it allows your or your loved one to retain their independence in the home they know and love.