Our outreach support is tailored and bespoke to the needs of the person we support.

Our team encourage independence, improve wellbeing and overall quality of life for our service users.

Our Outreach support may include:


  • Personal Care
  • Supporting people to travel on public transport.
  • Supporting people to access colleges, social events, and clubs.
  • Developing cooking and household skills
  • Paying bills and dealing with finance

The right support.

We believe that, with the right kind of support, our service users can experience a positive and rewarding life.


Whilst some people need support with most or all everyday tasks throughout their lives, many people with learning disabilities can live quite independently with minimal support using an enabling or coaching approach.

Possitive Change

The Safehouse believe that positive change can occur through a person-centred relationship built with the service user and their support member of staff.


Some people may display challenging behaviour at times, so our assessment will be thorough, discussing behaviour triggers and positive staff interventions.


Challenging behaviour is a form of communication, and our staff will be shown how to respond within the Positive Behaviour Support Plan.


The PBS plan provides our support staff with a step-by-step guide to managing the challenging behaviour.